Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Gia Doll

For my next doll i wanted it to be plant like and have plant limbs then i can watch them grow to hopefully make a montage video.
so i decided to look up the greek titan gia. these were images i found.

these images depicts mother gia having leaves for hair and even made up of earthly mass for a body. so i thought her hands could be leaves for my doll. I also thought of the flower pot men which are in a flowerpot and that inspired me aswell to make this design.
This is my design for gia, i decided to name her after the greek god/titan because it suits the plant theme alot. I decided to try and make her clothes out of leaves so they fit in with the natere look. i will need some green paint and ink to give her greenish skin and i want her veins to be dark green and visuble to make her look more plant like.

So i started of with this doll.
This doll is perfect because of the green clothing she wears will suit the nature theme of Gia.
So i started with her hat and I picked leaves from outside the uni and glued them on to make the hat look like its made out of leaves.

I think this works very well and the hat looks authentic =]
So i started to work on the doll itself to make her look more plant like and i decided to make her skin green dye painting it with green ink.

This is the doll with one coat of green ink and her skin and a very leaf colours green tint to it so i decided ti paint on her green viens.

This is the doll after 2 layers of green ink and added in the viens i also make her lips and highlight her eyes in green to make these features stand out.

I then removed the dolls limbs and replaced them with spiderplants. I idea of this doll is that her new plant limbs will grow over time. I also added green into her hair. Amd i planted her into the plant pot.

This is my Gia doll after all finishing touches have been added. Included leaves on her dress and in the pot, another layer of green ink and cuting down some of her leaves from her limbs.
I think this doll wsorks very well, its very contrasting to my scary themed dolls, so it shows i can create more then just one look. I can see this doll being used as a attractive display, i just need to make sure how often i water her because her water has no where to escape therefore i could risk drowing her.

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