Friday, 29 April 2011

Glossip trip

For glossip i decided to stick toys to plastic bags in a paracute motion, reason being is because the idea of flight is related to defying god. therefore i wanted things to defy nature and making things that shouldnt fly. e.g a stone and a boike, fly. Unfortuntly they wouldnt any lift of the ground. reulting in the plastic bags arent the best thing to use =[
but me and james fly his kite which took alot of effort and endevor to make it lift in the air.

This got me to think of how hard it must of been for anyone who wanted to defy nature, it took use ages to get this kite to fly so i can image how hard it took people to invent the boat and aeroplant even a rocket. I enjoyed this nice day out and i also it made me think about ideas and persistance to keep them going untill you do succeed.

Manikin Animations

For this project ive just been experimenting by using the stop motion technique on a manikin just to see what i could or couldnt make it do.
my first expieriment was set out like a ballerina dance and as i noticed the objects in the background kepts changing and which i liked because it gave the animation more character that the background is a animation aswell as the manikin itself.
I also liked the idea of it falling down afterwards just for a comedic effect. for a test animation i think it worked pretty well.

The next animation i decided to do is to see if i could get the animation to run and jump, it didnt work out to well because its on a base but if i could of hideen the base i think i could of acheived my goal.
After this animation i decided that i wanted to make it dance fo a final test, but i also had the idea of him being intruupted. so i came up with the idea to add my lego into it. so he would stop dancing and notice them. Ilike this test the best and to my surprise the dancing looks pretty good. Its very rewarded to see something come alive after you've spent some time moving it and thinknig of how its going to look.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Munny continued

For my next project i wanted to do more munny stuff but i wanted to keep it simple and then i was inspired my minimilist artists Jackson Pollock, Richard Goodall.
I really like this piece and it inspired me to do the same to the munny i got. I decided to do a collection and have them in different scales to see which one looked best.

 This is a form of munny called a FatCap which is a small munny with a areosol can cap for a head.
 So i spray painted it black and started to flick paint on it.

As the process continues more and more layers built up, and it also devolped a rough texture. I liked this piece and wanted to develop more of them.

 This was my finised munny,. this one reminded me alot of the jackson Pollock piece, specially with the big orange splat on his head.
 I decided to get a glow in the munny to do the same thing but removed pieces and have them glow in the dark so it could be seen in two different ways. one in the dark with glowing patterns and the other being splatters with pieces removed.
 After splattering paint and removing the tape it looks tribal, unfortunatly it didnt glow in the dark so it didnt go aswell as i hoped.
 This one is a bigger munny called mega munny which also came with a rabbit hat, i really like this piece becuase it was big i could get alot of splats on it. with different sizes anbd textures maming this a more interesting piece.
These a all the ones i did lined up in size order, this could really look well with displayed properly.

peter Munny

For my next project ive decided to use the vinyl toy Munny. Munny has always been a influence in my work because its a toy ment for customisation. so i decided to finally custom one myself.
 So i decided to do somthing simple and i tought the toy looked like the thing from the fantastic four so i was inspried by the character to cover this munny with sand.

This a found a very long and annoying process to glue the sand on with PVA ait for it to dry and then seal with by dabbing the sand with a pva + water mixture and waiting for that to dry. This is the munny once i put sand on him. the sand got into the arm sockets so i couldnt put the arms back in.
by looking at him i decided he didnt have any character to him so i then dicieded to add hair onto him out of static grass which is used for models.
 I gave him hair on his head first and i thought why dont i give him every kind of hair so i gave him eyebrows, mustache and a goatee. So i gave him chest hair and pubic hair.
I also gave him bum hair and back hair. i really liked the end result i think he has a lot of character he looks like a tough guy character because of the sand is metaphoric for hard. so i named him peter.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dr.Paranoid Repaint

For mynext toy i chosee the street sharks nemesis dr.paranoid i  evil genius in a mechanical suit looking like a shark.
For this model there wasnt much research i wanted to do becauzse i knew i wanted him to look like a shark colours suit.

So I panting the teeth white to start off with.

Then i painting the skin a light skin colour.

I painting the inside of the mouth with a leathery colour.

I started painted the pannels blue to make it look shark like.

I painted the other pannels in a darker blue so tell the pannels apart and to look shark like.

I hightlighted the skin with a even lighter to make the detail stand out and i also got the eyes in too. and the teeth and he started to look evil.

I painted the gas tanks on his back silver and painted his legs and arms in a bronze.

The boots themeselves were panted gold and washed over with black ink to make them look rusty.

I painted the wires ob the gun arm in a lighter bronze colour and i also hightlighted the detailed sections of the gun in gold. I glue the upper jaw in place so the guys face with perr throught the teeth and it worked very well.
I think his was a very successful piece to paint. he looks very robotic and shark like beucase of the colours i used.

Raptor Toy Repaint

The next toy i repainted was the Raptor extreme dinosaur.
So i did some research into the colour scheme of a raptor.

This is a raptor in the film jurassic park, i like this colour scheme because raptors would hunt within the forest and they would need to blend in within the trees and bushes.

Both of these pictures show the rapotrs of to a colourful paterns maybe as a way to determine males from females like in birds. but I might use this factor on my model.

So i started with painting him brown.
I painted the belly in a lighter brown colour. Because most reptiles have a lgihter underbelly.

I gave the raptor a green face and green stripes on his back to make him seem more camoflauge. Also this fits in with the fast this raptor is a male so he would have different colours on him.
I also painting thetail bronze, i think the metal on him needs to look rusty so it adds to his evil appeal.

I highlited the green with a brighter green and the browns with a lighter brown too to make the detail stand out, also his face is very noticable and i think it works really well.

I painting the teeth and the eyes.

I also gave him denhim shorrts and painting the laces, i think he is one of my favorate pecies becauszehe truly does look evil and he looks really elongated and creepy. like a tim burton drawing

Gia GONE!!!! =[

I found Gia missing from her usual place which means that someone has taken it or she has been binned by the bin men =[