Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Dr.Paranoid Repaint

For mynext toy i chosee the street sharks nemesis dr.paranoid i  evil genius in a mechanical suit looking like a shark.
For this model there wasnt much research i wanted to do becauzse i knew i wanted him to look like a shark colours suit.

So I panting the teeth white to start off with.

Then i painting the skin a light skin colour.

I painting the inside of the mouth with a leathery colour.

I started painted the pannels blue to make it look shark like.

I painted the other pannels in a darker blue so tell the pannels apart and to look shark like.

I hightlighted the skin with a even lighter to make the detail stand out and i also got the eyes in too. and the teeth and he started to look evil.

I painted the gas tanks on his back silver and painted his legs and arms in a bronze.

The boots themeselves were panted gold and washed over with black ink to make them look rusty.

I painted the wires ob the gun arm in a lighter bronze colour and i also hightlighted the detailed sections of the gun in gold. I glue the upper jaw in place so the guys face with perr throught the teeth and it worked very well.
I think his was a very successful piece to paint. he looks very robotic and shark like beucase of the colours i used.

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