Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Spike Toy Repaint

 This is the triceratops toy called spike that o wanted to repaint so i researched into triceratops.
 Just like the toy this colour scheme is mainly grey colours, however i dont like this scheme very much because it looks very dull and mundane.
 This image looks better as its more greener and seems more lizard like.
This is a interresting variation because even though it has dark colours its very vibrant and because triceratops was a open plain grazer it could of looked like this.

I like this colour scheme alot because it combines both the brown and green together also its very similar to the stegosaurus colours.

I started off with putting a very dark green layer on and then i added a lighter green layer under so the colour should hopefully gradully turn from green to brown.
I alsoadded grests onto his crown because they change thier crest colours when fighting during mating season.
I added brown to his belly, painted his teeth and put a layer of green ink on all the green.

I ahve painted his eyes teethand tounge i have also made his wrist guards a leather colour and made his pants red because he reminds me of a bull which charge when they see red.
This is spike after painting his horns and highlighting his skin. he looks alot more colourful then i intended but i think the outcome is a successful one

Stegz Toy Repaint

This was the second toy that I decided to repaint, stegz is a stegasaurus toy. So i decided to research to see what colours a stegasaurus is. I found that stegasarus has a few various colour schemes but each had green within them.
 this depiction is all brown colours but the plates are red.

Out of all the colour schemes I favored the scheme that jurassic park used, stegosaurus use thier thiers to pump blood into them to change thier colour to warn of predators and attract mates. So they will need to by bright and vibrant. Using this idea I will try to make the stegz toy a bright and vibrant colour.

 So i started by adding the top half of his body a bright green.
 And i made the bottom layer brown because the bottom would be unseen it wouldnt need to be bright and vibrant.

 It was just a case of adding ink and a another layer of a bright green to make his skin a very vibrant green. I wanted his brown skin to look very dull and muddy looking.

 I decided to paint the platers organe and his trousers purple becuase they are perticularly bright colours.
This is the finished reult. to make the plates look more bl;oddy i added red ink and then hightlihts them with a lighter red. i think this toy turned out very well and looks very realistic.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tatty Doll

I got the inspiration for this doll when i saw this munny design of a doll in a animal suit. So i decided to do the same with my decede dolls. I wanted to make a cute doll this time to make a contrast with my spooky theme i have with my other dolls. 

So i started with look at what is cute and i decided to use a teddy bear. So i used a old teddy and unstuffed it.
I was lucky enought to get both this white teddy and a brown teddy. I decided would look more 'tatty' if i mixed up the colours.

I got my doll and undressed her but i released she was to tall to fit inside the bear whole. so i would need to cut it up.

 I cut the head of and cut the body apart to i could fit it around the doll.
 I decided to cut the face off and sow it onto the stomache and use the rest of the head as a hood. Spohieand adi both teached me how to sow and helped me sow the more difficult parts.
 This is the doll with the body suit worn on her.
 I then sown on the hoodie and used a white foot and a brown foot to make her little boots.
 I also used piecesof the brown bear to make little patches on her to make her look for scruffy.
I then added paws onto her with little claws made out of metal wire and also gave her trouser legs and a brown sleeve. The end result is really cute =] i love the reult and am pleased with this doll

Saturday, 5 February 2011


The first toy is called T-bone, a trex hybrid creature from a toy series called 'extreme dinosaurs'

So i decided to look up pictures of dinosaurs to see what a t rex would look like, as I was researching there seemed to be two themes.
One is this very lightest brown colouration.

Althoguh I so like this colouratio0n I dont think it looks natural, the other them was this mixture of green colours.

This is the rex rex colouration as depicted in the film jurassic park. After having to major clashing colour themes I wanted to look up a creature which is similar to the t rex so i picked the Komodo Dragon because like the T rex with its big size it is made to be a abush predator.
The Komodo dragon has the green colouration like the t rex dipicted in jurassic park, because to be an ambush predator they would need to be camoflauge in order to get really close to the pray.

This is my toy spray painted black, because with my expierience with painting models its always best to start with a black undercoat.

 I put a first layer of a slightly dark green colurs for the middle secxtion of skin. Because the top and underbelly will be different shades of green.
 To bring out the detail within the skin i gave it a wash with gfreen ink, as you can see the detail is darker and more noticable now.
After i did the base colour of the eye which is yellow i started to see aevil expression within the t bone character I liked this look i was giving him.

 So i decided to make him look more evil by adding a red outline. most repatiles have a red/brown outline so this would also be natural for a dinosaur too.
 I used a very dartk green for the back, inspired by the fact most pictures of dinosaurs all have a dark back. probally because the sun ray darkns the scales on the back over time.
I then painted the underbelly in a bowny green, becuase thier bellys would be lower to the ground and would need to hide in the brownish bush vegatation and would be on the floor.
 I then painted his teeth and decided that he would be wearing boots so i painted them in dirty leathery colour.
 Finally I did his claws and put a lighter colour onto of the boots to ma\ke the boots look worn out and muddy. I also painted the chains on his wrists in a rusty metalic colour.

This is the finished result I am extremely pleased with the way my toy has come out, he looks very natural and quite evil looking, this would be a perfect depiction of a t rex on the hunt.

Repaint toys project

For my next project i decided to repaint old toys. Reason why is because art is seen as playing hterefore I am using items which i used to play with and because they look so cartooney i am going to paint them to look realistic.

Gia continued....

I came up with this idea as a way to continue the gia project and because I dont have the time to look after her. So i thought so put her outside the uni in the park and let nature takes it course. whther she grow or gets mould or if even mankind interacts with nature and sterals her or kicks her over I will leave her alone and document what happens to her over time.

The first day I put her in the garden and let nature take its course.

 The doll  has gotten alot wetter due to the amount of rain recently. Hopefully she will grow mould soon, her leaves have gone all bown and soggy.
 Her hat and also blow away into the bushes