Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Stegz Toy Repaint

This was the second toy that I decided to repaint, stegz is a stegasaurus toy. So i decided to research to see what colours a stegasaurus is. I found that stegasarus has a few various colour schemes but each had green within them.
 this depiction is all brown colours but the plates are red.

Out of all the colour schemes I favored the scheme that jurassic park used, stegosaurus use thier thiers to pump blood into them to change thier colour to warn of predators and attract mates. So they will need to by bright and vibrant. Using this idea I will try to make the stegz toy a bright and vibrant colour.

 So i started by adding the top half of his body a bright green.
 And i made the bottom layer brown because the bottom would be unseen it wouldnt need to be bright and vibrant.

 It was just a case of adding ink and a another layer of a bright green to make his skin a very vibrant green. I wanted his brown skin to look very dull and muddy looking.

 I decided to paint the platers organe and his trousers purple becuase they are perticularly bright colours.
This is the finished reult. to make the plates look more bl;oddy i added red ink and then hightlihts them with a lighter red. i think this toy turned out very well and looks very realistic.

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