Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tatty Doll

I got the inspiration for this doll when i saw this munny design of a doll in a animal suit. So i decided to do the same with my decede dolls. I wanted to make a cute doll this time to make a contrast with my spooky theme i have with my other dolls. 

So i started with look at what is cute and i decided to use a teddy bear. So i used a old teddy and unstuffed it.
I was lucky enought to get both this white teddy and a brown teddy. I decided would look more 'tatty' if i mixed up the colours.

I got my doll and undressed her but i released she was to tall to fit inside the bear whole. so i would need to cut it up.

 I cut the head of and cut the body apart to i could fit it around the doll.
 I decided to cut the face off and sow it onto the stomache and use the rest of the head as a hood. Spohieand adi both teached me how to sow and helped me sow the more difficult parts.
 This is the doll with the body suit worn on her.
 I then sown on the hoodie and used a white foot and a brown foot to make her little boots.
 I also used piecesof the brown bear to make little patches on her to make her look for scruffy.
I then added paws onto her with little claws made out of metal wire and also gave her trouser legs and a brown sleeve. The end result is really cute =] i love the reult and am pleased with this doll

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  1. senor hasker is most welcome. hasta la victoria siempre!