Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Spike Toy Repaint

 This is the triceratops toy called spike that o wanted to repaint so i researched into triceratops.
 Just like the toy this colour scheme is mainly grey colours, however i dont like this scheme very much because it looks very dull and mundane.
 This image looks better as its more greener and seems more lizard like.
This is a interresting variation because even though it has dark colours its very vibrant and because triceratops was a open plain grazer it could of looked like this.

I like this colour scheme alot because it combines both the brown and green together also its very similar to the stegosaurus colours.

I started off with putting a very dark green layer on and then i added a lighter green layer under so the colour should hopefully gradully turn from green to brown.
I alsoadded grests onto his crown because they change thier crest colours when fighting during mating season.
I added brown to his belly, painted his teeth and put a layer of green ink on all the green.

I ahve painted his eyes teethand tounge i have also made his wrist guards a leather colour and made his pants red because he reminds me of a bull which charge when they see red.
This is spike after painting his horns and highlighting his skin. he looks alot more colourful then i intended but i think the outcome is a successful one

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