Saturday, 5 February 2011


The first toy is called T-bone, a trex hybrid creature from a toy series called 'extreme dinosaurs'

So i decided to look up pictures of dinosaurs to see what a t rex would look like, as I was researching there seemed to be two themes.
One is this very lightest brown colouration.

Althoguh I so like this colouratio0n I dont think it looks natural, the other them was this mixture of green colours.

This is the rex rex colouration as depicted in the film jurassic park. After having to major clashing colour themes I wanted to look up a creature which is similar to the t rex so i picked the Komodo Dragon because like the T rex with its big size it is made to be a abush predator.
The Komodo dragon has the green colouration like the t rex dipicted in jurassic park, because to be an ambush predator they would need to be camoflauge in order to get really close to the pray.

This is my toy spray painted black, because with my expierience with painting models its always best to start with a black undercoat.

 I put a first layer of a slightly dark green colurs for the middle secxtion of skin. Because the top and underbelly will be different shades of green.
 To bring out the detail within the skin i gave it a wash with gfreen ink, as you can see the detail is darker and more noticable now.
After i did the base colour of the eye which is yellow i started to see aevil expression within the t bone character I liked this look i was giving him.

 So i decided to make him look more evil by adding a red outline. most repatiles have a red/brown outline so this would also be natural for a dinosaur too.
 I used a very dartk green for the back, inspired by the fact most pictures of dinosaurs all have a dark back. probally because the sun ray darkns the scales on the back over time.
I then painted the underbelly in a bowny green, becuase thier bellys would be lower to the ground and would need to hide in the brownish bush vegatation and would be on the floor.
 I then painted his teeth and decided that he would be wearing boots so i painted them in dirty leathery colour.
 Finally I did his claws and put a lighter colour onto of the boots to ma\ke the boots look worn out and muddy. I also painted the chains on his wrists in a rusty metalic colour.

This is the finished result I am extremely pleased with the way my toy has come out, he looks very natural and quite evil looking, this would be a perfect depiction of a t rex on the hunt.

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