Thursday, 14 April 2011

peter Munny

For my next project ive decided to use the vinyl toy Munny. Munny has always been a influence in my work because its a toy ment for customisation. so i decided to finally custom one myself.
 So i decided to do somthing simple and i tought the toy looked like the thing from the fantastic four so i was inspried by the character to cover this munny with sand.

This a found a very long and annoying process to glue the sand on with PVA ait for it to dry and then seal with by dabbing the sand with a pva + water mixture and waiting for that to dry. This is the munny once i put sand on him. the sand got into the arm sockets so i couldnt put the arms back in.
by looking at him i decided he didnt have any character to him so i then dicieded to add hair onto him out of static grass which is used for models.
 I gave him hair on his head first and i thought why dont i give him every kind of hair so i gave him eyebrows, mustache and a goatee. So i gave him chest hair and pubic hair.
I also gave him bum hair and back hair. i really liked the end result i think he has a lot of character he looks like a tough guy character because of the sand is metaphoric for hard. so i named him peter.

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