Thursday, 14 April 2011

Munny continued

For my next project i wanted to do more munny stuff but i wanted to keep it simple and then i was inspired my minimilist artists Jackson Pollock, Richard Goodall.
I really like this piece and it inspired me to do the same to the munny i got. I decided to do a collection and have them in different scales to see which one looked best.

 This is a form of munny called a FatCap which is a small munny with a areosol can cap for a head.
 So i spray painted it black and started to flick paint on it.

As the process continues more and more layers built up, and it also devolped a rough texture. I liked this piece and wanted to develop more of them.

 This was my finised munny,. this one reminded me alot of the jackson Pollock piece, specially with the big orange splat on his head.
 I decided to get a glow in the munny to do the same thing but removed pieces and have them glow in the dark so it could be seen in two different ways. one in the dark with glowing patterns and the other being splatters with pieces removed.
 After splattering paint and removing the tape it looks tribal, unfortunatly it didnt glow in the dark so it didnt go aswell as i hoped.
 This one is a bigger munny called mega munny which also came with a rabbit hat, i really like this piece becuase it was big i could get alot of splats on it. with different sizes anbd textures maming this a more interesting piece.
These a all the ones i did lined up in size order, this could really look well with displayed properly.

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