Friday, 29 April 2011

Glossip trip

For glossip i decided to stick toys to plastic bags in a paracute motion, reason being is because the idea of flight is related to defying god. therefore i wanted things to defy nature and making things that shouldnt fly. e.g a stone and a boike, fly. Unfortuntly they wouldnt any lift of the ground. reulting in the plastic bags arent the best thing to use =[
but me and james fly his kite which took alot of effort and endevor to make it lift in the air.

This got me to think of how hard it must of been for anyone who wanted to defy nature, it took use ages to get this kite to fly so i can image how hard it took people to invent the boat and aeroplant even a rocket. I enjoyed this nice day out and i also it made me think about ideas and persistance to keep them going untill you do succeed.

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