Friday, 29 April 2011

Manikin Animations

For this project ive just been experimenting by using the stop motion technique on a manikin just to see what i could or couldnt make it do.
my first expieriment was set out like a ballerina dance and as i noticed the objects in the background kepts changing and which i liked because it gave the animation more character that the background is a animation aswell as the manikin itself.
I also liked the idea of it falling down afterwards just for a comedic effect. for a test animation i think it worked pretty well.

The next animation i decided to do is to see if i could get the animation to run and jump, it didnt work out to well because its on a base but if i could of hideen the base i think i could of acheived my goal.
After this animation i decided that i wanted to make it dance fo a final test, but i also had the idea of him being intruupted. so i came up with the idea to add my lego into it. so he would stop dancing and notice them. Ilike this test the best and to my surprise the dancing looks pretty good. Its very rewarded to see something come alive after you've spent some time moving it and thinknig of how its going to look.

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