Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Lego Animation.

below is my final prototype of a star wars lego animation.
I decided to make a scene with clone troppers or a could practise killing enmies and using a light saber.
the animation part was easy as pie, i loved doing it. was a very simple set up and plot, because it was only a test i didnt want to do too much.
the editing took me forever. to make a lgihtsaber effect happen i had to research how to do it, and found a online tutorial, which i had to created a coloured matte mask layer over my film and then place it in the same position and sahpe of the lightsaber prop, frame by frame through out the animation.
i also had to look up and download various of sound effects to walking, running, light saber sounds, screaming, bangs,  force effects, bricks landing and a bit of dialoge. which took me all night to find, the editing process took me 2 days, even thought i had previous experience with my two years of media. it was quite a difficult an yet rewardeding process to see my end result. i dont know if iwould do a real animation for starwars because it it require alot of editing time. but this is definatly one to keep. i cant wait to star making more lego sculptures and animations =]

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