Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Decede Dolls Pictures and Edits.

I have been taking pictures of my dolls and playing around with editing effects in photoshop
This is a picture that if the skeleton half of Morgana's face. I can used this edited image in a screen printinmg technique to go on posters or t-shirts.

Then i made it into a Mosiac pice, which works very well. It looks more artistic then just a picture because the orginal picture is slightly distorted.
I then decided to add a red back ground, the red background suggests blood which makes more impact and makes the image look scary.

This is a image of Gia i took of her outside in a bush and I added tranpartent leaves ontop to make her image look very leaf themed.

Thisis the same image but edited differently i think this image make the doll looks more bolder and sticks out more. The doll blands into the background perfectly making it her look more natueral.


  1. really liking this work james, especially that one at the top of Morgana, it looks well good!! :)

  2. Jimmo! I was just browsing through and my sister saw the photo of Gia over my shoulder and cried out in alarm, "What is it? It's scary! He's a mental!"

    Congradulations and well done.