Saturday, 6 November 2010

Decede Dolls: Morgona

For my next doll I started off with this female doll.

I was speculating ideas of what I could do with this doll and because I had a lack in a budget I needed an idea that would be cheap to do. And I liked the idea of making a contrasting doll. So I dstarted to do some research.
This is probally one of the most famous characters that was a big contrast to him. With to seperate halfs of this body looking different and contasting in both mental and physical atributes. Iwill be definatly using Twoface as a inspriation to my doll.
This is ying and yang which goes perfectly with my doll and this image is about balanced and how two things co exist and are never sperated.
This is my inital design for my doll.

As you can see I used two face as a main starting point, making one side ugly and the other side looking beautiful. I wanted to make this doll represent death because then it will fit into my gothic themes that I use for my dolls. I researched for a good name to call her and found the name Morgana which is greek for death.
Also for her dress I wanted to contrast it on alternate sides to focus on ying and yang, making her dress messy and neat of different sides and bits.
I cut her hair hort on half of her hair to give it a punky effect, which turned out well. And I used a market to dress a skull pattern on her face.
I coloured in the skull pattern and did the same to her right hand, I used the old shoes from the Braun doll and gave it to this doll to contrast her even more. And I attenpted to ruff up pieces of her dress my cutting pieces off.
After completed these steps I was happy with Morgana but I felt she wasnt done yet, so I asked for som opinions and it was suggested that I paint the skull design in white to make it stand out more and look like a skull and also add colour into her hair.

I really liked the look of my doll after colouring her face and hair with paint, her short hair looks punky and her face stands out more and makes her left eye really gaze when you look at it, which makes her look evil.

This is Morgana completed and she definatly is a highlight to my collection, as I have learnt that I can to simple things to acheive good effects and dont have to spend any money in which to do this =]

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