Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Edit Photos Experiment

From the pictures I took of my girlfriend in greenfiled I decided to have a go and try to edit them to make good effects and see what results Id get.
Is effect I got from Photoshop and adding tiles ontp the pictures and then using the torn egdes effect. I can see this picture being used with the silkscreen process to go on different things like boxes and bags and also experiement with different colours.

This effect is the sketching effect, I really like this picture, it looks like it has a rough texture like a tree so it fits in perfectly, I will definatly be using this effect again in the future.
This picture is done in flash by Shape tweening it into another image, I randomly found out this effect last night and I think it looks really well and the image is distorted, sepreated and morphed into another image. I like how there are little particles of the image all around the picture, like an explosion.
This image is more distorted than the first, most of the image is removed so you really have to look and pay attention to the image to see what the image originally was. Also in the bottom left corner the second image has started to come through which is was i partically like about image.
I like this imager because of the fact is very distorted and pieced apart which gives a almost 3D effect.

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