Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Liverpool Biennial

The Liverpool Biennial trip I found it to be a rather fun day out, there were alot of interesting pieces in the exhibitions but none that i found personally stimulating or a piece that I could really connect with as a viewer, until I came across a piece titles SkyGazers 2010 by the artist NS Harsha.

Skygazers is a painted picture of various people looking up into the sky (hence the name) and most of them have thier hands together in a praying notion.
As i walked into the room i saw these faces immediately look at you and it grabs your attention very quickly because the piece is constantly engaging with you every time you look down. Also you get a sense of power when inside the room because of the factor that they are praying making you feel like God because they are looking at you and also because you are above them, so you feel you are more important than these people looks that you. Almost like their praying for YOUR forgiveness.
This piece could be possibly made from a religious point of view, expressing his thoughts about religion, yet again this could be made for non religious people, trying to make them believe by putting them in Gods position and having his power.

The best bit about this piece if how it flips this feeling of power in a very weird way, the ceiling is a giant mirror so when you look up, you see yourself looking down on you. which says numerous things, one is that the sky/heaven is always watching the people down below/earth, Also it could suggest how we ourselves have the power of God, by making us feel the power and then look up into yourself looking down on your self and feeling your new born power rise and sick at the same time. Which makes this piece of art emotionally engaging and is why it is one of the few pieces i liked and remember that day.

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