Saturday, 6 November 2010


Fopr my partners project she needed to get some photos in the forest of herself so I offered to take the pictures for her and we went to grenfield which is past Oldham and going toward the pennines. I used her SLR camera which I found really easy to use and found myself getting really into photography, given her ideas and suggestions for new posed and locations to take pictures in. These were the pictures I liked the most.

I like these pictures mainly because your focus isnt souly on the girl feature din the picture you are also made to pay attention to the surroundings too. Almost making you ignore the fact theres a girl in the photo. I like the top 3 photos because they have a gentle and suttle feel about them, making you feel lonely youself.
I am very pleased with my photography skills and I will edit these pictures to see what I can get.

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