Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Blog Display Picture/Logo

For my first project I think it is necessary that I create a Logo for my shop which I will then use for my Blog Display picture.
My initial idea was to get a elephant skull, so i looked up pictures of a skull to see if i could find any that I liked, however I found allot of pictures of the whole skeleton and decided that a skeleton would be better.

I knew that I wanted my logo to look something like this picture, so I drew up a rough design on paper.

After drawing this rough picture I realised a few things. one that I wasn't good at drawing a realistic skeleton, two that in drawing a realistic skeleton my shop could appeal too scary so I decided to draw a more cartoony skeleton therefore it would appeal to a bigger audience. I decided to draw this in the programme flash because it would be alot easier for me because I have used the programme in the past.

As i drew the skeleton in flash I decided to make it simple and I used shapes like circles and squares to make the bones, this will make my logo look more cute. I found that this design look alot of a manga/anime style creature which is very modern and has a lot of appeal but i felt is was incomplete. I noticed in the skeleton picture is has a outline of the animal and i decided to make one for my skeleton.
I researched for a good elephant pose to use and I liked this one.

I really like this pose because of its cuteness which suites my skeleton so i then drew a outline around the skeleton like so.

Finally I decided that this wasn't enough, to make the skeleton stand out I decided that the outline should be coloured in to create a shadow, and this wasn't the end result.

I really like my end project, It does everything that i want it to. its cute and has a manga style to it, yet it will appeal to the alternate nature as i intended. I really love the pose and how the skeleton jumps out of the shadow.

After doing this picture I have made a store logo that I might use if I ever open up a shop. I used both creepy looking blood style and a graffiti 'spray paint' style fonts to make a clash of the style of the shop. The blood is to represent that alternate/Gothic theme to my shop and the graffiti represents that my shop is modern. I decided to put two elephants in this picture because, when I put one elephant in the picture I felt it looked ab it empty so i put another elephant to fill the gap and the end result looks amazing :)

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  1. I like your elephant logo and my son likes elephant skulls. I think it would make a great tee shirt for him. Would you be open to me using the art to make a tee shirt? It would be just one...not to sell or anything. Lemme know.