Friday, 1 October 2010

Summer Project

For my summer project, I decieded to incorperate my passion for drawing caricatures. By having a card game where the players could draw caricatures of the other players onto the cards and thus play a game with them. The aim of the game is to collect the cards with caricatures of you on them, by swapping cards with other players on at a time.

I didnt have much time to do this project since I found out about the project only a week before the course, so i wasnt that keen on playing my game. But my group liked my game and it turned to be a fun game to play and was a good laugh to see drawings of other people.
Overall i felt my game was a success given the little time and resources it took me to make it.

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  1. Thank you for the link.
    I thought your game was a great success.A simple idea done well...and by playing it you had to change the rules a little. A good lesson in try things out and test them even if you are not sure about them.