Monday, 4 October 2010

Film Project

Today we were given the assignment to make a 'sweded' film, based on a chosen film title given to us. My group consisted of Myself, Hannah, Laura and Tom and we were given the film title 'Hairspray'. At first I was reluctant to do this film because I haven't seen the film and I don't think its any good. As since we haven't seen the original film and only the 2007, musical remake we diced to watch clips of the film on youtube, to gather some information on the film.
My team turned out to be rather enthusiastic which gave me a more positive feeling on this project.
As we splitting our roles in who would be playing which character's, we decided that I would play the mother character the in the films the mother is played by a male actor, this will prove to be a funny comedic factor on our behalf. And should prove to be allot of fun.
Hannah would play the main female role and tom would play the main male role, Laura is camera shy and therefore volunteered to be cameraman.
We decided instead of having wigs we would made cardboard wigs so that it would look more 'naff' and therefor more funny.

The Following day was the day of shooting. AS me and Hannah arrived the earliest we decided to get changed into costume whilst we wait for the others. Hannah costume worked successfully as it made her looking bigger then what she really is. As fore my costume wasn't that thought out and it made me look disproportionate, which it turn could have a positive effect on the audience to see how 'naff' i made myself look as a female.
We took it upon ourselves to come up with the key plot points in the film and decided to narrow them down into what we could made funny. since the film has to be two minutes long we thought that you couldn't fit all the diverse story of hairspray into that time slot.
We also encountered the problem of that we needed someone to play the character of Pepper, since we couldn't find any actors we decided to dress a manikin up and have somebody move it along. This proved to be amusing to see a headless manikin as a main character.
Another problem we came across was to make the corny Collins show, which needs allot of people in the shot. For this we decided to film paper dolls dancing around to music, because we didn't have the time or actors to get real people dancing. At the end we decided to get a heart mask transition shot and to so this we cut out of heart shape from paper and put the paper next the to camera lens and slowly move it backwards and the main characters kiss in the end.

When it came to editing we knew we only had 2 minutes in which our film could last to we thought that to try and make it as crazy and funny as possible. That we no one would care if the plot made sense or not. We were all keen to fit our labels paper people into the 'Corny Collins Song' which each member says their name, however this song is over 2 minutes long, so we made the decision that our whole film will have this song playing to it. And thus we based our film around the show since it is one of the biggest plot points in the film.

When it came to showing the film i was very nervous what would people think and of course seeing me dressed as a female, also i was confident because I thought our finished product was funny and enjoyable to watch. Whilst everyone watched it, they laughed most of the way through it with the fact that the T.V button fell off and the people were paper dolls and the audience laughed with me and not at me. Which i felt happy about. When the film finished everyone gave a big round of applause. After showing the film I learnt that i should be proud of my achievements and not to be so nervous about presenting my work. Especially after the past few projects where people have enjoyed seeing my group projects

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