Friday, 1 October 2010

Party Project

For our party project my group was dedicated to produce a stag/hen do themed party.
So we ecided for our backdrop we would do a old fashioned theme based on the tradition of olden weddings that were held outside instead of in a church and also going back to the origins of the stag do. To do this we had alot of leaves and twigs, and leaves scattered around our area.

To contrast with this we all dressed up with modern themes and each displayed the different aspects of the hen/stag do.
WE dressed up as chatacters such as a drunken male, a pimp, a dancer, a female parier, a vicar.
The end product of a clash contrast with modern and old fashions themes witch mixed very nicely, was the backdrop was very calm and we were bold and flashy. which again refers to old fashioned and modernism.

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