Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Officail Launch of Project: 'Elephant Graveyard'

As the group projects in my interactive arts course ending and the individual projects coming up, I am very excited and anxious to be doing my own projects.

For a while now I have made a new ambition for myself to eventually open up my own shop called elephant graveyard, thew contents to sell is still unknown but i do want it to be a 'artistic' shop of some sort. I came up with the name since I have a obsession with elephants because i find it very interested how elephants recognise and mourn their own dead. since discovering this fact I have a passion for these animals, and my respect for these gentle giants has increased tenfold. I knew i wanted my shop name to have an alternate appeal because I love shops such as Athleks Palace and when watching the Disney film Lion King they go to this dark creepy area called the elephant graveyard and I knew I had my shop name. Hence why my blog is called Elephant Graveyard, I want this blog to be the starting point into creating my shop.

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