Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Silkscreen Experiment

From my induction of how to Silk Screen I have become inspired to what applications I could use with this process. Im going to try an experiment with my Logo on different materials and colours to see what combinations I can create. Plus you can layer up images and this can distort or create a new image completely. This process can be applied onto T-shirts or I'm going to experiment and see what works and become good as silk screening before I use T-shirts.

Today I decided to experiment with my logo on different materials to see which looks good and what doesn't work.

This is my print onto cardboard, I used both black and white to vary to colours and because it was a jagged inside, the details show up on the print, this does give me a tacky effect that could go into my favor if its the desired affect i want.

Here I printed onto a blank CD and a CD Cover I think that this looks very well and rather funky, could be a actual product to sell, I want to try using different colours soon to see if I can have a variation.

I used a comic to give a different background to my image, I think that black wouldn't stand out so I used white and it could work if i cut around the elephant and have the comic peeping through the gaps. I need to consider a lot of the comic image behind the elephant though.

I tried my logo onto a Hanky to see if the ink worked well on clothe, as you can see it does so i felt confident into making a t-shirt.

Here I used a divider and I think they look good, I will experiment with different colours to give my dividers a variation for each one.

Here i used a paper bag and I think if I could get some blank paper bags i could use them if I ever do open up a shop.

This is my logo onto a T-shirt and it worked very well. I'm happy with the consistancy of the ink and the position, i need to test out whether it comes off when you wash it though.

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