Saturday, 16 October 2010

Project 'Minimen'

As i have a passion for t shirts and I notices theres a brand of tiny caricatures of famous people I have decided that I like to make my own caricatures of people that I would like to see on t shirts. I have called the collection 'Minimen'.

This is an example of the designs they have based on the main characters in the film pulp fiction. From these caricatures I came up with this design.

This is my design that I made on flash, I used simple shapes like circles and edited the shape to create both the head and the body. I then decided to edit this to create a female.

This is my female design, i will use both of these as templetes to then make my minimen collection. I will do this by editing the templte to create my carictures but by sticking to the shapes of the templates.

The first Minimen I decided to do was Adolf Hitler because hes one of the most famous icons to exsist and I thoguht he would be a good choice because he isnt that detailed aswell I could do a simpler design.
I like this mini men it deffinatly looks like hitler and i noticed the best way to do this is to make sure to keep the key features of the characters I base them on.
The next character I decided to do is Rorschach because I fwatched the film watchman last night and he is a really dark and inspiring character.

I had to draw a hat ontp the template and I imported a Rorschach ink blot test and used that to create his mask. I think this miniman turne dout very well =]


  1. hi, can i use your drawing of adolf in my tshirt prints?thanks

  2. Could you do two of Neville chamberlain and winston churchill